Mailbox and Package Service


 With a personal mailbox (PMB), available in both personal and business sizes, you can receive USPS mail and deliveries as well as deliveries from UPS and FedEx. We can accept a package for you and keep it safe until you are ready to pick it up. 

To save a trip, call ahead and find out if your delivery has arrived. As an additional service, we can hold your mail while you are away or forward your mail to you during an extended trip. 


  • If you do not hold a mailbox, a package acceptance service is available for $2.00 per delivery. 
  • Bulk or frequent package acceptance rates are negotiable. Please contact us to arrange terms.  

Mailbox Rental Rates

 Mailbox Rental Duration

 3 Months

 6 Months

12 Months

 Personal Size




 Business Size